Our causes

Group Regard is increasingly involved in supporting causes intertwined with its business divisions, at the national and international level. 

Terres Sans Frontières

Every year, Group Regard donates hundreds of pairs of eyewear to TSF ("Terres Sans Frontières"), an  organization geared towards international development, and the sustainable development of disadvantaged people in developing countries.

Le Garde Manger pour Tous

A second foundation which Regard Group supports is Le Garde Manger pour Tous.   This organization is Montreal based, and close to the heart of Group Regard.   This foundation strives to provide a well-balanced meal for all children, that may not have had access otherwise, and can now get nourishment through a school day.

True Patriot Love Foundation

 Lastly, Group Regard supports by donations True Patriot Love Foundation.  This national foundation supports and honors members of the Canadian military and their families.  In recognition of the continued sacrifices made by military, Group Regard makes an annual donation in support of the foundation. 

"We are a growing company, and with growth comes responsibility.  We must continuously find ways to give back to the respective communities with which we do business with, and follow through on commitments which allow us to give back - locally and abroad".