lenses technology

Treatment features multiple layers of quartz applied to both surfaces of the lens in order to effectively protect against scratching.
Anti-Rayures lense technology
Ultra performing coating applied to both lenses for extreme protection against fog.
Anti-buée lense technologie 
Highly effective anti-static coating applied to reduce dust and particle attraction to all lenses.
Antistatique lense technologie 
Real waterproof polymer barrier against water droplets. The hydrophobic technology often used in the automotive industry, will guarantee ideal water resistance due to its high rate of hydrometry, and will also improve visual acuity.
 lense résistant è leau
A revolutionary gradient lens coating which results in sharper, clearer images and less eyestrain and fatigue.
 Contrast lense technology
ESP - Reduces glare
ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) is an innovative coating that enhances the ability to see detail and improve contrast without distorting colors by reducing glare, eyestrain and the harmful effects of blue light.
Bollle ESP technology 
HD - Exceptional vision
A unique lens treatment resulting in exceptional clarity and superior light transmission. The HD coating may be used for every type of job except those requiring solar protection for industrial use.
HD lense technology 
POLARIZED- Against glare
A technology approved for permanent wear and certified with perfect optical quality. The Polarized filters reverberate light reflections. 100% UV filtration.
Bolle Polarized technology 
TWILIGHT - ESP and double Anti-fog
Built on the successful platform of Bollé Safety's ESP coating system. Twilight technology offers the added benefit of anti-fog coating on both sides of the lens to prevent fogging in the most challenging conditions.
Bolle Twilight technology 
EQUALIZER - Revolutionary anti-fog system
Equalizer is the high performance goggle system for protecting against fog. Thanks to its double lens and regulation patch, the equalizer filters regulate moisture levels in the goggles.